About Our Site

There is nothing complicated about what our Page is trying to do. Having identified a broad interest in mainly (but not exclusively) local Tales and the inevitable belief in our brand of Mythology, Folklore and Legends, our aim is to air these topics.

Our Tales are general in nature and range widely, featuring historical characters and occurrences from the past through to the present. As far as Myths, Legends and Folklore are concern, we prefer not to take liberties with the content since it is important to preserve integrity and allow original stories to be preserved for future generations.

It comes as no surprise to us that some people are dismissive of Myths, Legends and possible Folklore, finding it amusing that others can see sense and possibly a degree of comfort from reading about them. But, as some psychologists believe, modern people need myths etc. to make sense of their lives and that without these they are, possibly, prey to anxiety?

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  1. I have a1635 copy of The Countrey Justice by Michael Dalton detailing the offence of witchcraft,including a page of handwritten script used in the swearing of a parish or petty constable

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