About Our Site

Our Site is completely non-commercial, meaning that we are not here to make money or to pay others – whatever the circumstances. Our blogs are sometimes personal, always informative – and, hopefully, educational. Each and every one is also meant to be a creative outlet aimed at entertaining our readers.

We endeavour to identify and promote an interest in tales specific to the County of Norfolk (UK) and its immediate county neighbours. These tales will, inevitably, be far ranging and will include topics of Fact, Fiction, Historical, Contemporary, Mythological, Folklore – and probably much more. Our aim is to air all of these topics.

Please bear in mind that in airing any topic, we never set out to be confrontational – just friendly and informative; the vast majority of our readers like that – and have said so. Should something appear to be amiss (which, quite frankly, is probably unbelieveably rare), we quietly put things right – and move on.

With regard to such topics as myths and folklore etc, which is the smaller part of what we do, it comes as no surprise to us that some people are quite dismissive. Those stateside, in other words on the other side of the ‘pond’, are known to utter the word ‘twaddle’ in response, finding it amusing that others can see sense and possibly a degree of comfort from reading about such topics. But, as some psychologists believe, modern people need myths etc. (in fact, most types of story) to make sense of their lives and that without these they are, possibly, prey to anxiety. We are only here to help!


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  1. I have a1635 copy of The Countrey Justice by Michael Dalton detailing the offence of witchcraft,including a page of handwritten script used in the swearing of a parish or petty constable

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